Betting in Bangladesh

Responsible Gaming in Bangladesh

Betting and gambling operators who legally work in Bangladesh comply with the principles of Responsible gambling. This means that they are doing everything necessary to make local punters feel comfortable on their platforms. Additionally, bookies and online casinos honestly warn its Bangladeshi customers about the risks associated with uncontrolled spending on bets and games. 

Maintaining Control 

One of the most crucial tips that you will receive when you get to know the world of online gambling and betting closely is to be responsible. No one but you is accountable for your money. Uncontrolled activity on bookie sites and casino portals can lead to serious problems in your personal life and profession, as well as cause a powerful blow to your wallet. Here are some tips to help you reduce your risks: 

  • Control the time you spend betting/playing. If you have reached the limit that you have set for yourself, turn off the device;
  • Control the bankroll. You need to determine the budget for the game in advance, and do not exceed it in any case;
  • Place small bets. If you are not a millionaire, then you do not need to make big stakes, regardless of whether you are on a bookie portal or in an online casino;
  • You should not rush to recoup. If you lose, then you do not need to raise the stakes in an effort to get the money back. No one guarantees that you will win, and your total loss amount can become very sensitive;
  • Be sober. If you are drunk or depressed, then don’t risk your money. 

There are many other tips, but remember that the most important of all is responsible play. 

Are you a Problem Player? 

Are you a Problem Player? 

If you feel that playing in an online casino or betting on the bookie site has ceased to bring you pleasure, then you should think about whether you have an addiction. There is a set of questions, the number of which varies from site to site, the answers to which will help you come to the conclusion whether you need assistance: 

  • Have you faced criticism because of your gambling or betting hobbies?
  • Do you have problems in your relationships with family and friends because of gambling?
  • Do you play until you lose all the money?
  • Have you lied to other people about the amount you lost in slots or other games?
  • Has gambling led you to behave more rudely in dealing with other people?
  • Do you top up your online casino balance more often than you withdraw winnings?
  • Does online gambling/betting prevent you from working or studying?
  • Have you ever had to lie, steal or get into debt to play at an online casino or make stakes?
  • Do marketing mailings from gambling and betting sites force you to return to the game?
  • Have you been playing at online casinos alone for a long time?
  • Did you get depressed because of playing at an online casino or betting?
  • Did gambling/betting make you think about suicide? 

Positive answers to several of these questions will allow you to understand that you are developing a gambling addiction. You need to take immediate measures that will reduce the risks. You will learn more about how to do this later. 

Tools for Problem Gamblers 

Legal online casinos and bookmakers in Bangladesh offer problem gamblers an impressive set of tools that allow them to fight gambling addiction: 

  • The history of losses. This tool helps psychologically — many punters, after they see the total amount they have lost in an online casino, begin to fight with their addiction;
  • Reality check. You will receive notifications that you have been on the site for too long and have lost touch with reality;
  • Restriction on spending. Set the spending limit allowed, say, per week. If you run out of the limit, you won’t be able to play for cash until next week;
  • Limit on the size of the bet. Set a limit on the maximum stake amount. This will help you extend the game time and save the bankroll from being quickly squandered if you get into a series of failures;
  • Deposit limit. You can also set limits on the replenishment of the balance for different periods: per day, week, month, etc.;
  • Temporary blocking. In cases when you want to take a break from the game, ask the support agents of your online casino to temporarily block your private cabinet (day, week, month, three months, six months, a year, etc.);
  • Account deletion. In the most difficult cases, you can request a complete and permanent deletion of your private cabinet. 

On some gambling and betting platforms in Bangladesh, you can find other handy tools for problem punters. 

Underage Gambling 

One of the main problems that legal online casinos and bookmakers are fighting is the attempts of minors to gain access to their amusements. In Bangladesh, such people are prohibited from using the services of gambling operators – playing games for real money, conducting payment transactions, participating in promotions and prize races. To detect underage punters, identity identification procedures are carried out, during which the user must provide, among other things, a document confirming his age. Accounts of all players under the age of 18 are blocked. 

Parental Control 

Parental Control 

If you are a parent who is worried that his or her child has become or may become a victim of gambling addiction, you can use the technological tools of CyberPatrol ( or Net Nanny ( They will allow you to block access to the gambling portal for minors if you use the same device. 

Responsible Gambling Organizations 

Unfortunately, there are many people who have fallen victim to gambling addiction. They have problems in the family and at work, they get into debt and often commit crimes to get money for the game. It is possible to cure addiction, although it is difficult. If you feel that you cannot cope without outside assistance, use the help of legal organizations (each of them professionally supports problem punters). Here are examples: 

  • GamCare. This is one of the main organizations involved in helping problem gamblers. Study its website ( to find out how to get support;
  • Gambling Therapy. This is an organization ( provides both theoretical and practical assistance to people with gambling addiction in different parts of the world;
  • Gamblers Anonymous. In this organization ( men and women from all over the world unite to share problems with online gambling, and to help other people. Representative offices of the organization exist in different locations around the globe.

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