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Some facts about cricket betting

In 2022, almost everyone is an Internet user. This is the place where we like to have a good time. One of the best forms of entertainment here is sports betting. Of course, the most popular sport is football, but there is another sport that has millions of fans around the world and especially in Asia. We are talking about cricket. What is it? Cricket is a sport played by two teams with 11 members each. Teams take turns hitting the ball and playing in the field, trying to score the maximum number of points. The main people are the one who serves the ball and the one who hits. People have a unique opportunity not only to cheer for their favorite team but also to earn money from it. How? All that is needed is a combination of the right points, such as a good gambling establishment and betting odds. Given the variety of the game, there are many types of odds here. Why is betting on this sport so popular? This is due to the fact that many people are interested in this game. Therefore, bookmakers create favorable conditions for attracting customers. They compete for the trust of the players by improving the quality of the game. So this industry is very developed. But in order to succeed in this business, you need to know a few points, which we will discuss below.

What are betting odds?

What are betting odds? In this paragraph, we will try to explain this phenomenon and how it works. Thanks to the odds, you can understand how much you can potentially receive if you win.

Let’s see how it works. For example, you bet 100 Indian rupees that India will defeat England. The coefficient for this match is 1.5. Your winnings are calculated as follows: 100*1.5=150 Indian rupees, in case India wins. Your net winnings will be INR 50 as INR 100 will be used to pay for the bet. If India loses, then you lose 100 Indian rupees.

So, your final plan will be like this: open a bookmaker, select a match, look at the odds, indicate the amount you decide to bet, and confirm the operation. Then wait for the results of the game!

Types of betting odds

When placing a bet, you have a variety of odds to choose from. Decimal, fractional, Indonesian, Malaysian, and Hong Kong are only a few examples. However, decimal and fractional betting odds are the most frequent. Let’s look at them in more detail.


The most popular type of odds, especially in European bookies, is this one. The formula is simple; simply multiply your stake by the odds to determine your winnings. This type of odds appeals to players since it eliminates the need for complicated mathematical procedures. At a glance, you can see your potential winnings. The greater the number, the more money you’ll win if you win.


This approach is particularly common in the United Kingdom, but it is also available in Asia. The odds are expressed as a fraction here, with the numerator representing the potential winnings and the denominator representing the amount you choose to wager. Let’s have a look at an example. If you wager INR 100 on India to win, you will win INR 80 (100 x 4/5) and earn INR 180. (100 plus 80).

Betting predictions

In addition to betting odds, you also need to consider other factors in order to be successful. For example, it would be very illogical not to know anything about the upcoming game, the team, and its previous failures and successes. To do this, there are betting predictions that help players better understand the upcoming game, make the right choice and succeed.

How and who makes betting predictions? This is usually done by bookmakers. Professionals in this business analyze the team, its condition, game conditions and, based on this, give advice to the players. Usually, you can see the betting tips 24-48 hours before the start of the match.

Live betting odds

If you are a thrill seeker and like to take risks, then you should definitely try live betting odds. How do they differ from ordinary ones and what is it? These are the odds on which you can wager during the game. Depending on the situation at the moment of the game, whether it gets worse or better, the chances may rise or fall.

You can choose live betting odds for the most popular athletic events, such as the Indian Premier League, Twenty20, and other regional or worldwide contests. LeoVegas, Bet365, 22Bet, Betway, and other bookies offer the finest live betting odds.

Live betting odds have their benefits and drawbacks, and by taking the risk on your own, you can succeed and gain a lot of money. You make the decision. 

Top sites for cricket betting odds

After reviewing the basic facts about successful gambling, let’s see which bookmakers can provide you with the best opportunities.


For cricket betting, this is one of India’s most popular gambling establishments. And we can see why. Players have a decent possibility of winning because there are many incentives and bonuses available in such a large betting market. When it comes to odds, the official website has a wide table with cricket odds ranging from 1.68 to 20.0.


This is yet another bookmaker that is well-known not only in India but throughout the globe. What does it imply? To begin with, it is a user-friendly site with a clear layout that even a novice can explore easily. Second, there is a fantastic section dedicated to cricket, where you can learn about betting odds, study history, and gain information on betting forecasts. The lowest odds are 1.04, while the highest are 16.5.


This bookmaker has gained popularity due to its excellent section dedicated to cricket. The creators have invested a great deal of time, effort, and money into creating optimal conditions for followers of this sport. It’s good to get a welcome bonus, which can amount to up to 2500 Indian rupees. Here, the odds range from 1.3 to 10.

How to choose the best site?

So, having told you about the odds, betting predictions, and describing the best bookmakers, we want to give you some tips. You will need them if you want to do your own research and choose a gambling establishment yourself. Take into account the following factors:

  1. Availability of a license and data encryption methods. It is important that the bookmaker is licensed so that you do not get in trouble with the law and get into trouble. It is also necessary that your data is securely protected and does not fall into the hands of scammers.
  2. Read the review. Usually in the review you can see the feedback and experience of the players. So you can understand what strengths and weaknesses the bookmaker has.
  3. Welcome bonus and other promotions. This is important because it shows the degree of customer care. Bonuses will help you make the game more profitable.
  4. Competitive odds. Choose the bookmaker that will offer you good odds of winning. It is important that your final winnings are sufficient. Make sure you understand the odds and know how to calculate them.
  5. Betting predictions. A good gambling establishment tries to publish predictions in advance that will help players make the best choice and come to success. Also, the presence of betting forecasts indicates that professionals work in the institution.
  6. Good banking options. It is important that the bookmaker has a large selection of payment methods so that each player can make a money transaction. You can also choose in favor of the gambling establishment where there are no commissions.
  7. Excellent support service. This is an important point, as it is necessary that in case of questions or problems you have someone to help you. Make sure the bookmaker you choose has several options for getting help and that they are fast.

We also encourage you to read our Cricket betting guide.


What is the difference between online and offline odds?

Online odds are the most beneficial for players as they are updated regularly, allowing players to increase their chances of winning. You also have the opportunity to choose a bookmaker with the best odds.

Are bookmakers legal in India?

Yes! All reliable gambling establishments in India are licensed by a foreign government. Indian laws allow the operation of foreign online gambling establishments. This means that all foreign licensed bookmakers are legal in India.

Can I place a bet through the mobile app?

Of course! All leading gambling establishments have their own mobile application, which creates favorable conditions for players. Good odds and fast mobile app speed will help you achieve success even faster.

What are betting odds?

This is the number that will show the amount of your potential winnings. Chances are decimal, fractional, American, and others. They are very easy to calculate.